Yonder 1L Water Bottle - Cosmic Lilac


If you can get there; now your water can too. The Yonderâ„¢M 1L / 34 oz Water Bottle was strategically engineered to be both lightweight and shatter resistant; allowing you to haul essential hydration further and higher. Plus; our water bottle is made of durable and safe BPA-free material. But a bottle is only as good as its cap; which is why the 100% leakproof Yonderâ„¢M Cap features our intuitive two-part system. Spin the top off when you need a drink from the controlled spout; twist off the bottom when you're ready to refill or wash it.
Please note: Do not use this Yonderâ„¢M Bottle and Cap with hot; or carbonated beverages or use as storage for food or perishables.

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