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Rambler Colster Slim Can White


Which Size Colster Can Insulator Should I Buy?

Well, what is the size and shape of the can or bottle you are drinking?

If you’re enjoying sparkling water, a can of soda, or a beer that comes in a standard 12 oz. can, then the Rambler® 12 oz. Colster Can Insulator will hold each of those drinks—keeping them straight-from-the-cooler cold. If you’re cracking into a hard seltzer, canned iced coffee, or energy drink that’s in a 12 oz. slim can—then that’s easy: you’ll need the Rambler® 12 oz Colster Slim Can Insulator. And for the craft beer drinkers, our Rambler® 16 oz. Colster Tall Can Insulator is built just for those craft beers that come in traditional tallboys, keeping all 16 ounces as refreshing as the first sip.

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