Krishna Bangles Amethyst


Our Krishna enamel bracelets are four orbs of gradating color in six different colors - Caribe; Turquoise; Coral; Pink; Chocolat; and Smoke. The name Krishna originates from the Sanskrit word Kṛṣṇa; which is primarily an adjective meaning  "black"; "dark";  or “the all-attractive”... and our Krishna enamel bracelets are exactly that...super attractive. Krishna bracelets are wonderful combined with AWB.
Individually handcrafted by our team of artisans and made with sustainability in mind; always.
Mindful Glamour Ritual: Pause. Breathe. Slip on each one of your Krishna bracelets reflecting on your day...from day into evening. What are your intentions for those times? Then...Go. Be it.
Thought: "Set your heart upon your work; never its reward." Krishna Janmashtami

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