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Komuello Corsage White


Komuello's innovation creates the most comfortable shoes for your toddler’s little feet. They are made with no adhesive or harmful materials. Below key points of Komuello highlight why moms and toddlers around the world love them so much. 

They are easy to put on and take off, just like comfy socks. 
BPA free, recyclable (and eco-friendly), 100% TPE rubber sole. (TPE material is often used in baby teething toys, so yes, baby can safely chew his Komuello!
Ultra-light, only 2.5 oz (size 5 based)
Slip resistant - great for indoor and outdoor. 
Breathable - no worries for sweaty baby feet. 
Patented unique 'Air Pocket' between the sock layer and sole provides extra cushion and breathability. 
WASHABLE - handwash or machine washable (please use a laundry bag). 

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