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God Bless You and Good Night


Book Summary
God Bless You and Good Night is now available as a full-size picture book! This beloved bedtime classic has touched more than 500,000 families, and the gift edition is sweeter and more beautiful than ever before.
About the Book
God Bless You and Good Night is a bedtime story every little one will love. With over 500,000 copies sold, this classic favorite will have your kiddos excited for bedtime snuggles and storytime. The delightful rhyming story takes readers through several scenes of snuggly animals who are getting ready for bed.
This adorable picture book shares:
God’s blessings
How much your little one is loved
Fun bedtime rituals for parents and children
God Bless You and Good Night is great for children, ages 4 to 8. This bedtime classic is perfect for baptisms, baby showers, adoption parties, baby announcements, birthdays, and holiday gifting. The book features:
Adorable illustrations with a different animal duo on each spread
Sweet and sometimes silly rhyming text
Deluxe formatting with larger pages and a jacketed hardcover with foil and embossing
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