Sundar Bangle Goa Natural Gold


For centuries Indian women have been adorned with bangles as a symbol of beauty and each color represents a different meaning. Sundar Bangles are a reflection of that tradition and signifies beauty in color.
Our bangles are exquisitely hand crafted by artisans in India; with each detail truly a labor of love. When you wear your Sundar Bangles we want you to follow Rumi’s advice and ‘Step out of the circle of time and into the circle of love.’

The color gold represents ultimate fortune. When you put your bangles on think deeply about what this means to you; how it represents you; and use this to set your intention of the day.

When you purchase from our Goa Collection you receive 1 bangle (3/8 inch in width). These entirely hand beaded bangles have crystal encrusted details to bring light and sparkle to their design. They are perfect for stacking with more of the same color; or others to create amazing personal color and meaning patterns.

When choosing the size of Sundar Bangles; the key is remember how the bangle will go over the widest part of the hand; not the size of the wrist.
Since every single one of our bangles is hand made; slight variations are due to occur and means that your bangles are truly unique and an artisanal product.
Size: S/M

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