Cactus Flower

Corazon Wooden Bangle Turquoise


Our Corazon (Meaning heart in Spanish) bracelets come to you from the workshop of Edgar Fabian Ortega and his family in Oaxaca, Mexico. Each meticulously hand-carved, hand-painted wooden bracelet fuses Zapateco and Oaxacan design traditions for something totally unique and full of LOVE.
Every Corazon purchase also includes a special surprise: a hand-made milagros enclosed in a gift pouch. The milagros or sagrado corazon (sacred heart) is amongst the most representative motifs of Mexico that extends well beyond its Catholic roots and has become a cherished part of folk art.
- 2.6" - 2.76" in diameter, 6.5cm - 7cm
* Winner of the Best New Product - Personal Accessories at NYNOW Gift show Feb 2019

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